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Join the ACRI Member Network

ACRI will provide membership to a closely networked community that can support the development of the cultural sector in India and South Asia. Sector specific professional opportunities, skill building session, and sharing of capacity building knowledge and resources - all form part of this platform. 

In Phase I of our membership plan in 2020-21, we offer:

Monthly Newsletters: 
Include updates on sectoral developments, research, industry movements, member job postings, and other news.


Internship Bulletin
A special quarterly feature of the newsletter for internship and apprenticeship opportunities in the cultural sector.


Access to Chapter Events
Discounted entry to City Chapter events that include training workshops, mentorship sessions, networking opportunities etc.


Access to Premium and IP Events
Early access and discounted rates to ACRI’s exclusive special projects (like CultureCon!).

Choose your membership plan

  • Individual

    Best for freelance, independent, and employed professionals
    • Access to the ACRI network
    • Automatic subscription to Culture Wire
    • Chapter events at 10% discount
    • Early-bird access to specialised workshops and conferences
  • Institutional

    Best for collectives, organisations, and institutions
    • Access to the ACRI network
    • Automatic subscription to Culture Wire
    • Exclusive option to post job opportunities and hiring calls
    • Chapter events at a 20% discount for up to 3 employees
    • Early-bird access to exclusive workshops and conferences
  • Test

    Best for testing at low cost
    • Benefit #1
    • Benefit #2
    • Benefit #3
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