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SDA Bocconi Asia Centre

In 2019, the SDA Bocconi Asia Center and the Art X Company came together to curate and present a series of events exploring the arts management landscape in India. The Asia Center through its commitment to understanding the sector and providing quality management training for professionals and students who wish to upskill or enter into the cultural sector worked with us to try to demystify the arts and cultural sector in India. 

Set I: Arts Management Woes: My Journey, My Road Bumps
Set II: Arts Management in India - Challenges in Formal Education for Arts Management in India

With the continuous support and enthusiasm of SDA Bocconi Asia Center, we launched a White Paper titled "Arts Management in India"  in February 2020 that explored the topic of the second set of sessions around challenges in formal education for arts management in India. The white paper is available on the Art X website at this link

SDA Bocconi Events

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