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Careers in the Arts – Structures, Roles & Pay Scales - 16 Jan, 2020

16 Jan, 2020 | 6.30 pm to 8 pm at G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture, Mumbai



A recent white paper commissioned by SDA Bocconi Asia Center highlighted significant gaps faced by cultural professionals in accessing upskilling opportunities and training programmes. The gaps range from lack of available training programmes, mentorship and apprenticeship structures, inadequate sector knowledge, to ambiguity about career paths and career growth in the culture sector.

It’s this last finding that was unpacked in an honest, free-flowing discussion with sector leaders and arts educators. Ashu Phatak (Music Composer & Founder- True School of Music, blueFROG), Amrita Lahiri (Dancer & Dance Curator), Ishan Benegal (Associate Artistic Director- G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture) and Alessandro Giuliani (Director of SDA Bocconi Asia Center) participated in the first event that Art X organised in 2020 which was moderated by Rashmi Dhanwani.

The session explored the structures of different kind of performing arts organisations while looking at the various kinds of roles these different organisations produce. Lastly, the discussions initiated a much needed conversation on the pay scales seen in the arts industry, which is notoriously known for its low pay standards. The closing of the session also saw the launch of the White Paper authored by the Art X Company titled "Arts Management in India - Challenges in formal education for arts management in India '' . You can access the White Paper here.


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