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An Indian Art & Culture Conference

CultureCon is an endeavour by Arts Culture Resources India (ACRI), a network and platform for cultural professionals in India and South Asia, and Godrej India Culture Lab, an experimental cultural space that explores what it means to be modern and Indian through conversations, fellowships and resource creation. The inaugural edition of the conference will be held in February 2020, where we will examine the unique structure of India’s culture sector, while initiating a much-needed dialogue around cultural labour and financial models that sustain the sector.

CultureCon 2020

Keynote address at CultureCon 2020

Yudhishthir Raj Isar spoke on positioning India’s cultural sector as compared to global movements in the areas of cultural work, training of leaders, and the cultural economy.

Yudhishthir Raj Isar is currently the Education Director of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Geneva. He is also Emeritus Professor of Cultural Policy Studies at The American University of Paris and was a Robert Schuman Fellow at the European University Institute.

The Organisation Question:
The Future of Management of and in Arts Organisations in India

This session looked at the existing structure and nature of various arts and cultural organisations in India. Speakers from Government institutions, international art foundations, academics and creative start-ups will present models specific to their practice. The discussion focused on the changing landscape of cultural organisations, within the twin praxis of now and the future. 

The People Question:
Challenges of Skill Development and Managing Human Resources in India

This session examined training and challenges in managing human resources and skills development of cultural professionals in India. While India boasts of a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant culture sector, barring on-the-job training there are few learning opportunities for cultural professionals to formalise training in arts management. This discussion focused on the training and development of cultural professionals.

The Money Question:
Strategies and Models for Funding the Arts in India

This session consisted of curated presentations, case studies and a round table panel discussion touching upon the issues of funding, the challenges of funding in relation to non-profit models, as well as sustainable and mixed models for for-profit cultural organisations. Furthermore, this segment also briefly discussed the ethics of funding and concerns around accountability.

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