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Careers in the Arts – Structures, Roles & Pay Scales - 26 Nov, 2019

26 Nov, 2019 at Italian Embassy Cultural Center, New Delhi



A recent white paper commissioned by SDA Bocconi Asia Center highlighted significant gaps faced by cultural professionals in accessing upskilling opportunities and training programmes. The gaps range from lack of available training programmes, mentorship and apprenticeship structures, inadequate sector knowledge, to ambiguity about career paths and career growth in the culture sector.

It’s this last finding that was unpacked in an honest, free-flowing discussion with sector leaders and arts educators as they broke down the structure and composition of the Indian visual arts sector, various careers and growth paths of cultural workers within the sector, skills and pay scales of various roles and the ‘X’ factor that makes the difference between a good and a great arts manager.

We were joined by Alessandro Giuliani (Managing Director, SDA Bocconi Asia Center), Jagdip Jagpal (Fair Director, India Art Fair), Radha Mahendru (Senior Program Manager & Curator, Khoj) and Shaleen Wadhwana (Arts and Heritage professional) in this insightful discussion which was well attended by culture professionals and students alike.

The session moderated by Rashmi Dhanwani (Director - Art X Company) also saw an engaging Q & A session. You can view the whole session here.


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