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Mapping the Sector - 15 Feb, 2020

15 Feb, 2020 | 5:30 - 8:00 PM at TIFA Working Studios Speakers: Ishan Benegal - G5A , Prasad Varanase - IAPAR Theatre Festival , Joe Cyril - Saffron Art Auction House


The ACRI Pune Chapter hosted an introductory session where three experienced culture professionals shared their journeys in managing and running different art and cultural organisations. Joe Cyril (Lead, Business Development - Saffronart), Ishan Benegal (Associate Artistic Director - G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture) and Prasad Varanase (Founder Director - International Association for Performing Arts and Research) talked about programming, partnerships, research, finance, marketing and such aspects in running an art organisation.

The different models in which the institutions’ function gave the audience a perspective to understand the pros and cons of each structure. The role of financial models, the hierarchy and the importance of community were well established by the speakers.

The audiences were excited by the delivery and content provided by the speakers. The speakers connected with problems that each individual faced and provided their insights and guidance during the Q&A; as well as the networking session which followed.


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