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Building Digital Strategies - 14 Apr, 2020

14 April, 2020 | 4:00 - 5:30 PM | Webinar Speakers: Nivedita Poddar - Art Fervour, Roshan Abbas - StayIN Alive, Archana Prasad -, Priyanka Raja - Experimenter Moderated by - Trishla Talera (TIFA Working Studios)


Considering the current pandemic situation and its expected timelines, it is a need of the hour for arts and cultural organizations to start looking at the future prospects. Taking a pivotal step, Building Digital Strategies was a webinar organised by ACRI Pune to understand the possibilities and challenges in the digital sector by different stakeholders in India. The panelist included Nivedita Poddar, founder of Art Fervour, Roshan Abbas, founder of StayIN Alive, Archana Prasad founder of and Priyanka Raja, co-founder of Experimenter.

The speakers focused on the journey of their institution and the steps they have initiated to maintain audience engagement in the sector. Roshan Abbas focused on a digital live play which is a quick evolutionary step in the live entertainment industry.

Priyanka Raja spoke about Experimenter Labs, an artist production fund which will be a micro bursary to support artists in these difficult times. Nivedita Poddar spoke about gamification and accessibility of visual art by Art Fervour through their Instagram. Archana Prasad spoke about a unique creators network - Dara to bring the sector together and also shared her experience on team management and staying motivated. The session touched upon new ways of audience building, digital marketing, sustainability, management tools and technologies, and various challenges still to be explored.

The event reached out to the audiences in the arts and cultural sector who are looking for opportunities to pivot to the digital space.The attendees were from different cultural institutions, artists, and arts managers who were keen to understand the practices to evolve their institution in the given situation.


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