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Power of Platforms - 14 Aug, 2020

_________________________________________________________________________________ POWER OF PLATFORMS

Learning from the digital transformation

14 August | Friday | 4:30pm - 6:00pm IST Speakers:

Boris Abel | Kulturama, Goethe-Institut, Berlin

Carolin Nüser | Project Manager, Latitude Festival

Anu George | Growth and Strategy, Paytm Insider

Natasha Jeyasingh | Team Art Chain India


The event hosted by the ACRI Pune chapter, TIFA Working Studios explored how different digital platforms have come to the rescue of the art and culture ecosystem reeling under the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The session through its diverse speakers and their presentations deep-dived into the many aspects of digital events like strategies, event production, analytics, growth models for the future and the experiences of the speakers in relation to the time period since the onset of the pandemic. This was evident from the presentations of Anu George and Carolin Nuser from the Paytm Insider team and the Latitude Festival. The webinar also explored the points of impacts on audiences and how they have responded to the new normal. Beyond presenting different aspects of event production in the digitalverse, the session also touched upon how digital platforms can act as an catalyst to instigate alternate fundraising strategies for supporting the artists, especially in times likes these; or as a connector for all the cultural events happening in the world. Both #artchainindia and Kulturama were the perfect examples that were discussed in this context. The event gave a comprehensive overview of the digital space from four diverse perspectives. You can watch the recording of the session here.


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