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Future Forward Indian Arts Leadership - 26 & 27 June, 2020

26 & 27 June, 2020 | 9.30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. | Virtual Masterclass


Led By - Dr. Josephine Caust, Australian Cultural Strategist Developed by Arts & Culture Resources India

On the 26 and 27 of June, Arts Culture Resources India (ACRI) and The Art X Company in collaboration with the Australian Consulate General Mumbai organised a workshop titled: Future Forward Indian Arts Leadership. Led by Dr. Josephine Caust, the two day masterclass revolved around scenario planning and strategy development for a post COVID-19 environment. In this Masterclass, a total of 32 participants from various practices embarked upon future scenario and strategic planning that addressed the present realities under lockdown, meanwhile developing a path forward - during and post COVID19.

For a couple of hours each morning, the participating art leaders came together on a virtual platform to revisit their mission and vision plans; and to re-imagine it in relation with the situation that we are currently faced with. The masterclass covered journey maps, SWOT analysis, environmental scan, a methodology to envision various post-pandemic scenarios, conditions under which arts leaders can plan survival and growth, and develop strategies that can develop into business plans to address future possibilities and needs.

The two day session included a lot of brainstorming, ideation and discussion amongsts the participants along with a couple of virtual dance moves to lighten the day. The participants from across the sector while revisiting their organisational goals and strategies were thankful for the opportunity to come together and appreciated the sense of camaraderie that was created by the end of the two days.

Credits: Rhea from Goa, sketching her fellow participants during the master class

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