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Strategy and Resilience Measures for Indian Arts Practitioners - 29 July, 2020

29 July, 2020 | 10:00 - 1:00 PM | Workshop _________________________________________________________________________________ Presented by the Australian Consulate General in Mumbai in collaboration with Arts and Culture Resources India (ACRI)

In June 2020, ACGM and ACRI came together to address the need in the Indian cultural sector to devise ways and means of adapting to the digital universe that the arts world was forced to grapple with. From pivoting to digital platforms, to devising fresh strategy, and sharing knowledge, the sector's arts leaders were finding it hard to adapt.

The workshop was facilitated by Australian cultural strategist Dr. Josephine Caust for young and mid-career professionals from the Indian creative sector under the age of 32 years.

The workshop focused on strategies to develop resilience during the pandemic, and ways to rebuild and redevelop plans for the new paradigm of work that the global culture industry is now working towards. It also included imagining various post-pandemic scenarios, group think solutions to operational challenges induced by COVID-19, as well as connect with each other and provide a common platform to work together. The session was attended by 25 participants from a diverse range of culture professions and from multiple cities in India. Participants for the sessions were carefully chosen after a strict application check while also keeping an eye out for the value the individual applicants bring-in to the cohort.


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