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Pitch right: A workshop on sponsorships and funding - 25 Feb, 2021

25 February, 2021 | 4:00 - 6:00 PM _______________________________________________________________________________ FESTIVAL CONNECTIONS

An Annual Programme of Expertise, Knowledge, and Networking between India and the UK. Pitch right: A workshop on sponsorships and funding __________________________________________________________________________________

Raising funds and bringing in sponsors for a festival is a challenging exercise. This workshop was targeted at festival professionals with 3-8 years of experience and aimed to break down these two important aspects of festival management.

The workshop was divided into three different segments and started off with presentations by the panelists, where they shared tips and strategies in creating successful pitches.

The panel included Anshulika Dubey, Co-founder and COO, Illy Jaffar, Managing Director, Kinetic, and Jay Shah, Vice President, Head - Cultural Outreach, Mahindra Group. The three panelists brought in their varied expertise and experiences into the session. Illy talked about consumer trends, market research as integral parts of successful pitches, Jay shared what corporates like the Mahindra group look for when funding cultural festivals and Anshulika talked about crafting the pitch, building a story and adding an emotional and personal touch to the process.

The second segment was an exercise for the participants where they had to work in a group and create a 5 minute pitch to present to the jury.

They were asked to work on a contemporary dance festival which required INR 15 Lakh in funding. The final segment was the pitch presentation where each group shared their pitches and received feedback from the jury.


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