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The Revolving Door: Diversity and Inclusion in Indian Arts Festivals - 27 Nov, 2019

A Festival Connections event An Annual Programme of Expertise, Knowledge, and Networking between India and the UK. 27 November 5:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. Space 10, New Delhi


Cultural festivals are created to showcase, celebrate and represent the diversity of our art, culture, values, and people. So the question is… how diverse and inclusive are we being while planning and executing these festivals? Is diversity and inclusion just a checkbox for India’s culture sector?

To find out, we organised a series of session exploring diversity and inclusion in Indian arts festival across multiple cities in India namely, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. The session in Delhi had Giulia Ambrogi - Curator and Co-founder, St+art India, Nipun Malhotra - CEO and Founder, Nipman Foundation and Shantanu Anand (Community Manager, Spoken) cover various aspects of diversity and inclusion in the festival sector in India and how their organisations through their operations engage with these aspects. The session moderated by Virkein Dhar (Founder -Poppy Seed Lab) concluded with the panelists and the audience agreeing that diversity and inclusion are critical frameworks for the cultural representation of a 21st century India.

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