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ACRI Mentors Lab - 08 Nov, 2019

Mentorship for Cultural Professionals

08 Nov, 2019 | 5.00 - 8.00pm at The Bohemian House


As a cultural professional, navigating a path in the sector, whether artistic or administrative, is a challenge. This is particularly true since an individual’s career in the arts and culture world is both highly individualistic and often without clear precedent. It can often be confusing to make a decision at diverging paths, especially when there is little by way of a clear and long-term trajectory. While exciting and full of potential, it is also confounding. However, specific and personal guidance can ease this process and help individuals tap into potential - both their own and available opportunities.

The ACRI Mentors Lab is an intensive programme that helps set up deep mentor-mentee relationships for cultural professionals and addresses the need for mentorship in the arts and culture sector. For mentees, the lab will create a framework that helps the individual prepare for and gain the most value from a mentorship connection. For mentors, the lab will help set the stage for a mentorship relationship that can hit the ground running and with clear guidelines for the process.

Part I of the Mentors Lab involved a workshop for mentees on how to prepare for a mentorship conversation, what to expect, and how to create a clear Problem Statement to take to a mentor. Subsequent sessions will see mentors and mentees meet and set objectives, and work through the mentorships process.


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