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Covid-19 Resources

Culture Wire Team

Support networks, helplines

Theatre Dost

A group of theatre-makers in Mumbai have started a local support initiative for the theatre community. They work with a chain of pharmacies to provide basic Covid-19 medicines, following Government guidelines and as prescribed by a doctor, at no cost for those whose finances are currently stretched. Theatre Dost is also pitching in with financial support for doctor consultation, medical tests, and other aid like groceries and cooked meals.

CCI’s Artisan Helpline

If you are an artisan or weaver, or if you are a community advocate or with an organisation, NGO, or enterprise, in need of any kind of assistance for Indian artisans and weavers, you can reach out to the Artisans Helpline by the Crafts Council of India.

Artisan Helpline by Creative Dignity and Okhai

Creative Dignity and Okhai have set up an artisan helpline to support communities who are distressed and may need access to resources, to help anyone on the ground, especially in relief efforts, and to share accurate information. The helpline focusses on disseminating information to artisan communities in the smaller towns and villages.

Nila Connect

An initiative of Nila Jaipur, Nila Connect uses its platform to create longer term security for artisans across India. The initiative aims to foster connections that will help ensure the sustenance and well-being of highly skilled artisans through proactive support such as committed, advance orders and empathetic timelines.

Grief Circle by Svaha

Svaha is holding a grief circle every Sunday until 30 May 2021, to allow a space to connect, ground ourselves, name our needs and be witnessed.

Mental Health Resources by Silence The Violence

The young team at Silence The Violence has compiled a list of mental health resources for anyone in need. The list includes counsellors for Covid-19 positive patients, queer-friendly resources, and social media self-care guidelines.

Mental Health Resources by Future Collective

The Future Collective lists nine resources including the COOJ Mental Health Foundation and Youth for Mental Health.

More information: Doctors for Artisans by Creative Dignity The second wave is beginning to hit smaller towns and villages where the doctor-patient ratio is very low; in some states, a single doctor serves almost 40,000 people. Recognising the need for remote medical support, Creative Dignity is offering free tele-consultation services for artisans. They are also inviting volunteers from the medical fraternity — doctors, nurses, medical students, to join. More information: Kolkata Center For Creativity KCC is preparing home-cooked food and delivering it to people who are suffering from Covid-19 or who are isolating themselves. More information:

Financial aid, grants, opportunities

STAYIN aLIVE Artist Emergency Fund for Theatre Artists The Stayinalive fund was put together to help performing artists with financial assistance in these difficult times. Call for applications from theatre artists who have been impacted by the pandemic are now open. The applications can be submitted in both Hindi and English.

StayIN aLIVE was initiated by a group of individuals who share a common belief: that the arts are essential to human life. The collective comprises Art X Company, Alok Parande, Artist Aadmi, Big Bang Music, Gully Gang, Kommune, KWAN, OML Entertainment, Paytm Insider, Priyanka Khimani, Shark&Ink, Tabhrasa, Tarsame Mittal Talent Management, Tape A Tale, Unmute, and Women of India.

Serendipity Arts Virtual Grant

The Serendipity Arts Foundation will be awarding grants to two collectives, groups, duos, or collaborators to develop a project adapted to the digital space. The application deadline is 17 May 2021.

Rohan Joshi

Popular comic and founder of AIB used a simple Instagram post to start a space for creatives who are looking for work to connect with organisations in need of resources.

Covid-19 resources by Experimenter, Kolkata In their personal capacities, members of the Experimenter team have been helping whoever they can by sharing resources, information and aid. The team has put together resources mostly Kolkata focused at the moment, but with valuable information on related resources for other Indian cities too. More information:


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