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Audience Development Insights - 31 Aug, 2019

Bengaluru Session | 31 Aug, 2019 | 11am to 2pm at British Council

ACRI Bengaluru British Council
Pictures: Yatisa

British Council India in association with The Art X Company and ACRI presented two engaging sessions on Audience Development Insights for the Arts in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Industry experts from India and the UK led these sessions as we delved into best practices for audience development, developing and using audience data, ticketing strategies, and long-term audience development. 

These sessions are a part of British Council India’s Festival Connections series which addresses India’s vibrant cultural festival sector. As a part of the organisation’s activities in the arts, the programme aims to support festival teams through upskilling workshops, peer sharing sessions, and opportunities to connect with the national network of Indian festival managers. From August 2019 to March 2020, six sessions across Mumbai and Bangalore will explore myriad aspects of the management of a cultural festival through the experience of festival veterans, emerging talent, and creative professionals from the industry.

Sharing insights for this session were:

Penny Mills | Chief Consulting Officer, The Audience Agency - UK

Jonathan Goodacre | Senior Consultant, International, The Audience Agency - UK

Babitha George | Partner, Quicksand & Co-Founder, Unbox Festival

Abhishek Madan | Head of Product, Paytm Insider

Rashmi Dhanwani | Founder, The Art X Company

We began the event with a webinar by British Council UK partners, The Audience Agency who spoke about principles of audience development.

This was followed up by Babitha George from Unbox Festival who took us through their process and approach of understanding and working with their audience in the Unbox niche.

We then had Abhishek Madan and Divya Galagali from Paytm Insider who discussed ways that we can use data to support audience development efforts and strategies, apart from a whole host of tools and insights.

Post the break, Rashmi Dhanwani from The Art X Company presented a couple of case studies of her work with the Piramal Art Foundation in their long-term audience engagement and audience development efforts.

Similar to Mumbai, each speaker was given 20 mins to cover their respective topics.

We concluded the event by having a 45 mins Q&A session with all of the speakers and the Audience Agency joining in via a Zoom conference call.


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