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Marking a Year

We asked some of the experts from India's cultural sector to sift through the last twelve months and share with us, and you, what they thought were the notable events of the year.

The Culture Wire team

Photo by Omid Armin

We would like to thank our contributors for sharing the milestones and helping us build this timeline:

Aaron Fernandes, CEO & Founder – Aaron Fernandes Entertainment

Aarthi Parthasarathy, Falana Films

Alisha Sadikot, Founder – The Inheritage Project

Amit Gurbaxani, Writer and Music Journalist

Nikunj Patel, Director – Studio Moebius

Priyanka Raja, Co-Founder – Experimenter, Kolkata

Rafiul Alom Rahman, Founder – The Queer Muslim Project

Sandhya Kumar, Filmmaker

Siddhant Shah, Founder – Access For ALL

Shreya Nagarajan Singh, Founder – SNS Arts Consultancy, Chennai Sonya Mazumdar, Founder – EarthSync India

Anupriya Subbian, Head of Design and Tahaer Zoyab, Design Executive Director – Triple O Studio

Vijay Kumar Tadakamalla, Director – Hyderabad Literary Festival


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