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Project Management Workshop - 13 Jul, 2019

13 July, 2019 | 11am to 6pm at Piramal Museum of Art

ACRI Mumbai conducted it's third event which was a Project Management Workshop for Culture Professionals. As professionals from the cultural sector, a lot of the training that we receive today regarding project management comes from “on-the-job learning” with no prior knowledge by way of a specialised course or degree. This workshop was geared towards mid-career culture professionals who wished to learn the art of project management.

Ankit Kush, Co-Founder and CEO of Cobodh, and Ruchira Das, Deputy Director of ARThink South Asia, facilitated this workshop which provided an overview of project management, explored best practices through case studies, looked at tools and software to create a project timeline, and put all these learnings into practice through an experiential activity.

This day long workshop which took place at the Piramal Museum of Art was attended by 20 working professionals from different genres of the cultural sector. During the workshop, the following topics were covered:

1. Introduction to Project Management: terms and basic concepts

2. Importance of Project Management: why and how to use it?

3. Software and techniques of Project Mapping

4. Gamification exercise: putting theory into practice by means of a group project

5. Presentation of projects by participants

6. Critique and feedback by instructors

7. Overall feedback and Q&A session

After concluding with the workshop, we headed to The PORT at G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture for a networking mixer where Ruchira Das enlightened our participants about the ATSA Fellowship programme.


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