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Safety Practices for Arts Managers - 8 July, 2021

Presented by ACRI Delhi Chapter

Safety Practices for Arts Managers

8 July, 2021 | 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm IST | Webinar

Safety in the arts covers a wide range of topics and the ACRI Delhi interactive workshop focused on how to get started, how to ask the right questions for a given context, and how to communicate goals and targets with other members of the organisation.

Facilitated by Kaivalya Plays' artistic director Varoon P. Anand, some of the topics explored included, safety for the members of the organisation, the space where performances or events take place, and the safety of the audience attending the event. With useful insights into risk assessment, the need for detailed contracts, feedback mechanisms, and the formation of an Internal Complaints Committee, the workshop highlighted various aspects of safety – most of which are often left unchecked until something goes wrong.

Varoon insisted that safety in the arts should not be seen as a boring subject, and that it should pave the way for a community where everyone feels included, represented and heard. For anyone wondering where to start, our ACRI Delhi hosts suggest starting now, starting small, and building safer spaces, organisations and audiences with one thing at a time.

To further extend their support, the team shared several resources and toolkits that organisations and individuals can make use of.


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