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Putting culture on Mumbai's map.

Godrej India Culture Lab, a name that is now synonymous with conversations in and around culture, gender, and identity, has launched version two of their Mumbai Culture Map.

Click to visit the website

Not only is this one of the first maps in India completely dedicated to the culture space, but it is also an attempt to map Mumbai's cultural offering for sector professionals and interested observers alike.

As an arts manager, this map is an excellent tool for me to understand where the city's cultural hotspots lie, what spaces I must explore when I visit Mumbai next, and quite possibly, what kind of audiences I might find in each of these neighbourhoods. The map's categorisation of spaces is also particularly interesting as a tool to make sense of the multitude of offerings the city presents.

The map presents a clean, simple interface that's both colourful and informative. Shapes and colours identify the different categories of cultural spaces while the search bar and sort functions that are accessible via the hamburger button, offer multiple paths to exploring the data that is available.

The Mumbai Culture Map is a wonderful initiative by the GICL team that provides a valuable resource for the cultural sector. We're looking forward to what the team plans to do with this going forward, and how anyone looking at the site will find different ways to engage with Mumbai's cultural landscape.


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